Regupol Abzorb™

Synthetic Turf Shock Padding


REGUPOL Abzorb shock pad is designed to safeguard against impact related injuries. A well-designed synthetic turf system with our shock pad underlayment offers an extra layer of cushioning for high impact sports, creating a safer surface for all types and levels of play. Developing a shock pad that performs consistently in the lab and on the field is an important part of our work at REGUPOL. We pride ourselves on producing a shock pad underlayment that surpasses the industry minimums to delivery strong performance and player protection properties, including shock absorption, energy restitution, vertical deformation, critical fall height, and Gmax.

Pair any synthetic turf system with REGUPOL Abzorb shock pad for exceptional drainage efficiency. The porous composition of Abzorb allows water to pass through quickly so fields stay drier, safer, and cleaner. It provides both solid foundation and comfort underfoot, mimicking natural grass over the life of the surface—up to 16 years. Both installer and customer can rest easy knowing their REGUPOL Abzorb shock pad will endure and serve as an underlayment for a second or even third field.

With the confidence of a 16-year standard warranty and robust product longevity, REGUPOL Abzorb offers incredible value and savings for customers.

  • Maximum comfort underfoot
  • Improves Gmax of the field
  • Maintains long term performance of the field
  • Excellent shock attenuation
  • Uniformity
  • Does not compromise drainage
  • Weather resistant
  • 16 year warranty

  • Recommended for indoor/outdoor use under:
    • Conventional synthetic turf systems (no-infill)
    • Filled Systems With Rubber and Sand
    • Rubber Infill Compositions
  • Ideal for the following sports field turf:
    • Baseball/softball
    • Field hockey
    • Football/rugby
    • Golf
    • Lacross
    • Multi-sports fields
    • Playground turf
    • Soccer

  • 92% Post-consumer tire rubber

Environmental Fitness
  • GreenCircle Certified
  • Can contribute to LEED Points
  • REGUPOL Recover, providing convenient and responsible takeback options for REGUPOL products, including Abzorb turf shock pad, at their end-of-life

Product Specifications
  • Standard Thickness: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm (Custom thicknesses available upon request. Allow extra lead time.)
  • Standard Width: 48″
  • Weight per SqFt: 1.04 lb (8mm), 1.13 lb (10mm), 1.56 lb (12mm)

Test Method Abzorb 8mm Abzorb 10mm Abzorb 12mm
Vertical Permeability1 ASTM F1551 > 100 in/hr
(Infiltration BS EN 12616)
> 100 in/hr
(Infiltration BS EN 12616)
> 100 in/hr
(Infiltration BS EN 12616)
Compression Strength Rebound Compaction %1 ASTM D3575-08
at 25% strain 92.47% 90.83% 91.44%
at 50% strain 89.50% 90.27% 88.21%
at 75% strain 90.63% 89.36% 92.50%
Critical Fall Height2 ASTM F3146-18 1.08m 1.10m 1.23m
1.40m (23MM)
Density1 ASTM D3676 34 lbs./cu.ft. 34 lbs./cu.ft. 34 lbs./cu.ft.
Lateral Transmissivity (0.5% slope)1 ASTM D4716 0.65 gal/hr/ft 0.65 gal/hr/ft 0.65 gal/hr/ft
355A “Flat” Gmax2 ASTM F355A < 112 < 110 < 104
355A “Flat” HIC2 ASTM F355A 315 309 286
Force Reduction2 AAA 65% 65% 66%
Vertical Deformation2 AAA 9.3mm 9.6mm 9.6mm
Energy Restitution2 AAA 38% 36% 40%
Rotational Resistance2 EN15301 37N 39N 37N
Ball Rebound2 EN 12235 0.85m 0.81m 0.92m
Tensile Strength1 ASTM D412 > 50 psi > 50 psi > 50 psi
Tensile Elongation at Break1 ASTM D412 55% 55% 55%
Compression Set B1 ASTM D395 < 18% < 18% < 18%
Coefficient of Friction (Movement of artificial turf over 50mm)2 ASTM D2047 1.0 G 1.0 G 1.0 G
Microbiological Analysis1 ASTM G21-96 No growth 1-14 days No growth 1-14 days No growth 1-14 days
Temperature Resistance1 – 40°C to 115° C – 40°C to 115° C – 40°C to 115° C

1 testing of pad only
2 testing of system (2″ turf, 70% sand/30% rubber (at depth of 40mm) with REGUPOL Abzorb (8, 10, 12mm) shock pad thicknesses)