Olympiastadion Berlin (Berlin Olympic Stadium)

Location: Berlin, Germany

Color: Hertha Blue & Custom Color

Products Used:

The Olympic Stadium in Berlin, Germany originally designed by Otto March, Germany’s then official or government architect, underwent a renovation in 2004. The “oval” or running track was a key component of the rework. Regupol AG was specified, due to its world class performance and preference by athletes around the world including Usain Bolt.

The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) certified track has a precision rubber base layer which provides the highest level of shock absorption. The synthetic surface is ½” thick, made of recycled SBR rubber granules and polyurethane binder base. A self-leveling, wear-resistant coating consists of solid polyurethane with broadcast EPDM rubber granules. Once installed, excessive humidity, heat or cold cannot damage the track surface.

All competition and non-competition areas at the Olympic Stadium feature Regupol tracks, chosen for their anti-slip properties and vertical elasticity. The color of the rebuilt track is  Custom formulated gray, celebrating the colors of the home team, Hertha Berlin Soccer Club.

First designed in 1916 for the Summer Olympics by March and rebuilt for the 1936 Summer Olympics by his son, Werner March, the stadium is the second largest in Germany. In 2000, the stadium was renovated to create a more intimate atmosphere by lowering the playing field and rebuilding the seating at a different angle of inclination. In 2004, the Regupol AG track was installed. Now equipped with the latest technology and visitor amenities, the stadium continues to make history.

At the 2009 World Athletics Championships, over 2,500 of the world’s most talented athletes took part in events on the Regupol AG surface. Usain Bolt, an Olympic sprinting champion athlete, broke two world records on the Hertha Blue Regupol AG track during the championships. “There’s nothing like running on Regupol. To me, Regupol equals gold, in more ways than one,” said Bolt.

Since the installation of the new high-performance track, the Berlin Olympic Stadium has become a “flagship” location, setting the standard for other world class stadiums and athletic tracks, globally – including the University of the West Indies: Mona Campus, where Bolt trains.

Regupol America is the inventor of the recycled rubber surfaces technology and the premier provider of materials and surfaces for prestigious athletic facilities around the world.