Greencircle Certified

In 2011, Regupol America became the first company in Pennsylvania to earn a coveted GreenCircle certification.

GreenCircle Certified, LLC, provides third-party certification for sustainability claims in products and manufacturing. Sustainable manufacturing utilizes processes that are non-polluting, conserve energy and natural resources, and are economically sound for the community.

By earning the certification, Regupol America continues their ongoing commitment to sustainability. The GreenCircle Certified mark assures manufacturers, suppliers, regulators, and consumers that Regupol products have been thoroughly assessed and their claims verified. GreenCircle requires annual renewal, effectively ensuring that sustainability claims are current and that business practices are unchanged.

The GreenCircle Certification System substantiates sustainability claims on consumer products and manufacturing operations, checking for factors including: carbon footprint reduction, closed loop product, lifecycle assessment (LCA), renewable resource content, recycled content, renewable energy use, and manufacturing practices. The GreenCircle Certification System is recognized by such organizations as the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

Regupol America holds two GreenCircle certifications, in Sustainable Manufacturing and Recycled Content.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainable Manufacturing integrates operational improvements that reduce the environmental impacts of manufacturing processes. The GreenCircle mark verifies that Regupol America has implemented sustainable manufacturing practices and has proven environmental reductions within company operations.

A GreenCircle Sustainable Manufacturing Mark certifies that a manufacturer has reduced energy, water, and/or waste by implementing sustainable manufacturing practices.

Integrating sustainable practices into manufacturing operations includes:

  • Energy Efficiency Practices
  • Water Conservation
  • Elimination of Waste and Emissions
  • Internal Recycling of Waste
  • Closed Loop and Industrial Ecology Processes

ASTM E2129 Standard Practice for Data Collection for Sustainability Assessment of Building Products

NSF/ANSI Standard 140 or Standard 332

Recycled Content

GreenCircle conducted detailed evaluation of Regupol products and manufacturing operations, to certify recycled content claims on per plant, per product basis. GreenCircle verified the sources of recycled materials used by Regupol America and distinguished recycled content by pre- and post-consumer content within the supply chain.

A GreenCircle Recycled Content Mark certifies products for total recycled content based on pre- and post-consumer recycled content definitions.

When referring to sustainability, GreenCircle defines specific terms as:

  • Recycled Content: Comprised of pre-consumer and/or post-consumer material that is used as a raw material in the manufacture of products.
  • Pre-Consumer Recycled Content: Material diverted from the waste stream during manufacturing process. Excluded is reutilization of materials such as rework, regrind, or scrap generated in the process and capable of being reclaimed with the same process that generated it.
  • Post Consumer Recycled Content: Material generated by households or by a commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities in their role as end-users of the product which can no longer be used for its intended purpose. This includes returns of material from the distribution chain.

ISO 14021, Definition of Recycled Content; FTC Green Guides

Regupol America drives innovation, through manufacturing and product standards that reinvent the future. Company standards are focused on creating a performance-enhancing, attractive product that is both sustainable and economical.

By implementing sustainability measures at all levels of production – from material chains to manufacturing to the installation process – Regupol America creates revolutionary products that prioritize the needs of future generations.