Temple University

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Area: 1,840 sq/ft

Installation: Thor Performance Products

Products Used:

Installation projects within educational institutions often pose unique time and budgetary constraints. This was true for Philadelphia’s Temple University, with the renovation of two campus fitness facilities – Independence Blue Cross Recreation Center (IBC) and Temple University Fitness facility (TUF).

With foot traffic of 1,100 students, staff, faculty and alumni per day, the facilities experience exceptional wear and tear. Additionally, TUF is located in close proximity to other businesses, creating a unique need to not only provide safety for their members but also reduce noise and impact disruption to their fellow tenants.

 “Dropping weights was causing problems. We were getting complaints from the retail tenant located below,” TUF Operations Manager Jess Turak said.

 Regupol was able to address these concerns, with the first East Coast installation of Regupol® AktivPro™ Sports & Fitness Flooring.

The unique waffle-bottom design of Regupol AkitvPro provides maximum comfort underfoot by absorbing the shock of training impact. Through the use of AktivPro, athlete injury and stress is reduced.  And it’s slip resistant, wet or dry.

Because of the ease made possible by its interlocking dowel tile system, Regupol AktivPro has reduced installation time and lower costs. AktivPro can be installed over existing floor surfaces.

Today, Temple reports complete satisfaction with Regupol AktivPro, and the second floor TUF facility is now freed from noise complaints.