Cabrini College, Dixon Fitness Center

Location: Radnor, Pennsylvania

Area: 1,150 ft2 (AktivPro), 4,100 ft2 (AktivLok)

Installation: Abacus Sports Installations Ltd.

Products Used:

When it came time to retire the aging carpet in the Dixon Fitness Center, Cabrini College Assistant Director of Recreation Orlin Jespersen was confident in his replacement choice.
Regupol America provided Jespersen with the best products for his facility – Regupol® AktivPro™ and Regupol® AktivLok™. Combining the durability, sustainability, and ease-of-maintenance he needed, Regupol products were the perfect fit for the project. 

”Carpet just didn’t make sense,” Jesperson said. “It was difficult to keep clean, and any spills or leaks caused damage. We also needed a tougher floor that could handle dropped weights and major stress.”

For a school with a demanding sports program and hundreds of students using the fitness center daily, a better solution was desperately needed.  The installation of Regupol AktivPro and Regupol AktivLok minimized maintenance issues, allowing the college to focus on providing a top-notch training facility to students and the community.

Jespersen chose a custom order of Blue Blitz AktivLok and standard Gray Ghost AktivPro for the facility. Before any tiles were installed, the existing carpet was removed. Regupol tiles were then laid directly atop the sub-floor without underlayment, allowing for easy and quick installation. Loose-laid in an offset pattern, the new and improved floor looks great and provides the high shock absorption associated with Regupol products.

”The overall look is working out really well, as all of the equipment is blue and gray, matching the new floor. It is much cleaner and much more polished looking,” Jespersen added. “We would definitely use Regupol again, and are extremely happy with the results.”