Anytime Fitness

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Color: Jet Black

Installation: Abacus Sports Installations Ltd.

Products Used:

The Anytime Fitness Gym floor sees a lot of activity, from dropped weights, strength and cardio equipment, and activities in a multipurpose room, all creating noise and vibration that can disturb the neighbors of the facility. This particular gym and its free weights area is directly on the other side of a wall to a living space.

When weights are dropped, the people living next door can hear and feel the vibration from the impact. The Regupol® AkustiPro ML-70 roll system was implemented in the free weights area with Regupol® Perimeter Isolation Strips used to separate the assembly from the surrounding walls.

The assembly has greatly reduced the transmission of noise and vibration between the gym and the living quarters next door. Since installation, the owner has heard good feedback and positive responses. “The performance has been very good,” said owner David Waxman. “I would say 95% of the noise and vibration heard next door to the gym is gone. It is acoustically working very well.”

“I would definitely recommend Regupol products to my fellow gym owners,” he added.