Regupol® LoadSecure™

Rubber Friction Mat

LoadSecure Revolutionizes the Way Rail and Truck Cargo is Secured.

Regupol America uses advanced recycled rubber technology to manufacture the product synonymous with secure, safe load transport – Regupol LoadSecure. It’s all made proudly in the USA from American rubber, using the newest recycled rubber manufacturing machinery.

Work with Regupol America and get the experience and expertise to help you with your load application. With manufacturing to the highest quality and environmental standards, LoadSecure has been refined, tested and retested for reliable load securement. With customer service unsurpassed in the industry, Regupol America connects you with the load securement you need.

  • Extreme Toughness
  • Approved by the American Association of Railroads
  • Exceeds DOT COD Guidelines for Friction Mats
  • More efficient and cost effective than wood blocking and bracing.
  • 1 Year Warranty

  • Recommended for Transport and Commodities Requiring Load Securement

  • Available in Sheets, and Perforated Rolls for Easy Installation
  • 2mm standard thickness, other thicknesses available upon request

Environmental Fitness
  • GreenCircle Certified
  • Can contribute to LEED Points

Product Specifications
    • 2mm thickness