• April 4, 2016
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Regupol Vibration Isolation Binder and Kit

The New Vibration Isolation Architectural Binder And Sample Kits Are Available Now!

Regupol® Vibration and Regufoam® Vibration offer natural frequencies of as low as 6 Hz, high internal damping, and are used for the applications below (and more).

High Performance Floating Floors
Mechanical Rooms, Performing Arts, Convention Centers, TV and Recording Studios, Fitness, Wellness and Weightlifting, Laboratories, Rooftops

Stable natural frequencies, structural stability, and lower installation costs than compressed glass wool block systems, jack-up systems and other discrete bearing designs.

Vibration Isolation of Buildings near Railway and Subway Tracks
Residential and Hospitality Living Spaces, Research and Scientific Institutes, Healthcare, and Schools

Noise and vibration protection for buildings while increasing the market value of the building and land itself. Proven and lasting vibration isolation with a pioneer in the field of building isolation.

Vibration Isolation of Machines and Equipment
Residential: AHU, Pumps, Housekeeping Pads
Commercial: Generators, Transformers
Industrial: Presses, Die-cutters, Mills

Fast and easy to install, lower risk for sound bridges than discrete bearing systems
Provides great damping capacity

Protection of Sensitive Equipment
Electron Microscopes, MRI, Scientific Instruments

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