• January 18, 2012
  • News

In 2010, the year after Jamaican world champion Usain Bolt broke the 100 m and 200 m world records on the Regupol track at the Berlin World Championships in Athletics, Regupol America parent company BSW built a Regupol track on the campus of the University of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica. This “Bolt Blue” track serves as the daily practice venue for Usain Bolt and his team colleagues of Coach Glenn Mills’ “Racers Track Club”. Today, after almost two years of intensive use, Jamaica’s top coach and his athletes are more than satisfied with the properties of the blue Regupol track. BSW’s Export Director Peter Breuer just returned from a visit to Mona Campus, Kingston, where Jamaica’s athletes are preparing for the upcoming season and the Olympics. After a thorough inspection of the whole facility, Breuer says: “The Regupol AG track, even though it is sustaining intensive daily use by Coach Glenn Mills’ athletes, looks like new and does not show any major signs of wear.”

A hot and sweaty Usain Bolt took a short break from Mills’ tough training units to comment: “Peter, the track is really, really good! It’s fast, it’s very comfortable to do my intensive training on it and the best is, it is always the same, no matter under which circumstances and what the weather is like.”

Coach Glenn Mills, equally happy, said: “The track is great! We are very happy to have such an outstanding facility where we can do our daily training. None of my athletes has complained ever since we are using the Regupol track and we are making great progress!”

Regupol tracks are high quality products
Regupol synthetic running tracks are high quality products with a long service life. Once installed, not even conditions such as extremely high humidity, heat or frost can cause damage or major change in the physical and mechanical properties. In contrast to many other sports floors, Regupol tracks convince owners and users with their extreme durability. Just one important argument for installing Regupol tracks in Jamaica’s tropical climate. Following the installation at the practice facility, Regupol AG tracks were also installed at the National Stadium and Stadium East at Independence Park.

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