• September 9, 2015
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Over 60 years ago, our German-based parent company BSW GmbH invented a technology that revolutionized the world of elastomers: the technique of recycling foam and rubber into new materials. Regupol, the Recycled Gummi Polymer was born.

Regupol & Regufoam VibrationUsing German engineering, Regupol America has now developed a series of new products for low frequency vibration isolation and sound control with great marks in precision and performance, manufactured in Lebanon, PA. The great static and dynamic properties of Regupol Vibration and Regufoam Vibration help isolating low frequency structure-borne sound and vibrations in buildings, building elements and floating floors; as well as machines and other industrial applications. Regupol Sonus is the new sound control underlayment for a variety of flooring materials, offering outstanding IIC and STC performance at minimum costs.

A few projects that we have served in North America

  • Quantum Matter Institute at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC — Vibration isolation of building and protection of sensitive equipment in the building from external vibrations
  • Spokane Convention Center, Spokane, WA — High performance floating floor in convention center, offering low frequency vibration isolation while withstanding high loads and point loads, potentially caused by forklifts and cars
  • 34,000 lbs presses at Floorfolio Industries, Edison, NJ — Shock absorption of press and protection of nearby equipment and employees with high damping elastomers
  • Cable Mills, Williamstown, MA — Regupol® SonusWave for 3 historic mill buildings from the 1800s, that were converted to 82 high-end apartments and lofts
  • Saxony Hotel, Miami, FL — Regupol® Sonus under ceramic tiles in guest rooms and public areas

Please find information for the following applications and products:

  1. High Performance Floating Floors e.g. for Convention and Exhibition Centers, Performing Arts Centers and Stages, Technical Equipment Rooms (HVAC, Pumps, etc.), TV and Recording Studios, Production Facilities and Warehouses, Gyms, etc.
    Information and Brochure – Floating Floors
  2. Vibration Isolation of Buildings Isolation of buildings from external vibration sources, e.g. buildings next to railway/subway tracks, roads
    Information and Brochure – Building Isolation
  3. Vibration Isolation of Machines & Equipment Isolation of machines causing vibrations or structure-borne sound, or protection of sensitive equipment from external vibration sources
    Information and Brochure – Machine Isolation
  4. Sound Control UnderlaymentsFor footfall insulation in multifamily and hospitality (IIC/STC)
    Information and Brochure – Sound Control Underlayments