Floating Floor for Fitness Area with Cardio Equipment and Free Weights, above Office Space

Location: 1780 Pennsylvania Street, Denver, CO

Area: 32,500 square feet

Products Used:

Architects: Davis Partnership, P.C.

Acoustical Engineer: Eiler Associates, Inc.

Structural Engineer: KL&A

General Contractor: Saunders Construction

Product: Regupol® Vibration 200

Colorado Health Foundation Headquarters

The Colorado Health Foundation, a non-proift organization from Denver, CO, works to make Colorado the healthiest state in the nation. The new headquarter in downtown Denver is a three-story building with approximately 32,500 square feet, with direct access to outdoor areas via rooftop decks and/or gardens. On the third floor is a fitness room for staff use.

Since this fitness room is located directly above an open office environment on the second floor, low-frequency structure-borne sound and vibration from cardio equipment, free weights, and other equipment was a major noise concern for the architects at Davis Partnership. Architects at Davis Partnership have successfully used Regupol® and Regufoam® products on similar projects before, which made Regupol Vibration 200 a qualified isolation material for this prestigious project. Regupol Vibration 200 has also a unique acoustical and structural performance that is unmatched in the market: At loads that are typical for 3-4” normal weight floating concrete slabs, Regupol Vibration 200 achieves a natural frequency of 15-16 at a thickness of only 17mm, for which other products in the market require a thickness of 1”-2”. This product also achieves a natural frequency of 9-10 Hz at a thickness of 2”.

We’d like to thank the team of Davis Partnership for the continued trust in Regupol and Regufoam, and for designing such a beautiful project with our materials.

Image courtesy of DAVIS PARTNERSHIP, P.C.