Floating Floor for Exhibition Area above Theaters, Ballrooms, Café, Retail Stores

Location: 375 York Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3C 3J3, Canada

Architects: Number TEN Architectural Group, LM Architectural Group

Design/Build: Stuart Olson

Acoustical Engineer: DLA/RWDI Air Inc., Soundscape Engineering

Structural Engineer: Crosier Kilgour & Partners

Size: 340,000 sqft

Product: Regupol® Vibration 300, Regupol® ISO-Strip

RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg

The 1975 RBC Convention Center in downtown Winnipeg, MB is extended by 340,000 sqft, while the existing building receives structural and electrical upgrades as well. This extended facility will make it the fourth largest publicly owned, as well as the newest convention center in Canada. It is designed to meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver Standards. A huge portion of the exhibition area is located over ballroom space, meeting rooms, the Presentation Theater, a café and other retail stores. The main concern in regards to acoustical isolation were trucks driving into the exhibition hall, as well as fit-up noise from metal wheel carts, smaller vehicles, objects being dropped (impact), and other construction noise.

The concrete topping was only 4” thick, so not only did the isolation product have to provide superior acoustic isolation, it was also required to withstand the high traffic and point loads caused by trucks and equipment in the exhibition hall. Regupol Vibration 300 was able to fulfil these demanding requirements and was installed in the exhibition area. Regupol ISO-Strips were applied around the perimeter of the concrete topping, to prevent flanking transmission into the noise-sensitive rooms adjacent to the exhibition area. Total rentable space of this new convention center is now 260,000 sqft.

We appreciate the great teamwork with Daniel Lazun from DLA/RWDI, Inc, and Nathan Sevener of Soundscape Engineering on this special project. Both of them have a remarkable expertise in the field of architectural acoustics and vibration isolation, and their professional approach on this project was impressive.