Building Foundation Isolation from Subway Vibration

Location: Clover on Yonge: 595 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1Z4, Canada

Products Used:

Size: 22,400 sqft

Application: Building Foundation Isolation

Architect: architectsAlliance

Developer: Cresford Developments

Acoustical Consultant: HGC Engineering

Clover on Yonge

Regupol Acoustics helped develop noise and vibration isolation recommendations and provided isolation material for the Clover on Yonge residential community.
Located in the heart of Toronto, the 55-story tower features 21 private residences and 513 units. The Clover is located on 595 Yonge Street, above the TTC Yonge-University subway line. The Yonge-University line is the oldest and busiest portion of the Toronto subway.
Passing trains generate noise and vibration that is transmitted from the subway tracks and into nearby buildings. Subway and train-induced vibrations can greatly disturb building occupants if preventive actions are not taken.
22,400 sqft of Regupol® Vibration 450 material was supplied for the project. The isolation material was installed between the building structure and the foundation walls. The system was designed to decouple the building from the foundation, greatly reducing the transmission of noise and vibration.
The Clover on Yonge is currently under construction. Progress of the project can be viewed at

Clover on Yonge – Regupol Vibration – Case Study