Regupol® SonusClip™

Wall & Ceiling Isolation

Regupol SonusClip – Sound Isolation Clip

Flanking noise is the number one reason for acoustic failure in buildings today. Using acoustical floor underlayments will undoubtedly improve the acoustics of any room. However, walls and ceilings left untreated have the potential to transmit flanking noise.

The most common and one of the most efficient ways to improve the acoustics of a ceiling or wall partition is with the use of resilient sound isolation clips.

How Resilient Sound Isolation Clips Work

The primary purpose of resilient sound isolation clips is to decouple drywall from wall studs and ceiling joists. Resilient sound isolation clips interrupt the path through which sound travels. Sound first comes into contact with the drywall, then travels through the furring channel, and finally is absorbed by the resilient sound isolation clip.

Classified UL

Regupol SonusClip have been tested and
approved for use in over 40 UL designs.

Installation of Resilient Sound Isolation Clips

Installation of resilient sound isolation clips, such as the SonusClip, is quick and simple.

First, a chalk line is used to mark the layout. Next, the SonusClip is screwed into the stud or joist. Then furring channel is snapped into the SonusClip. Finally, the drywall is screwed into the furring channel.

Before installing resilient sound isolation clips, check out our Installation Guide. In the installation guide you will find detailed instructions, part sizes, layouts, and much more.

Benefits of Using Sound Isolation Clips

  • Increases acoustic performance for STC (airborne) and IIC (impact) ratings
  • Greatly reduces noise transfer
  • Installation is quick and simple
  • Inexpensive solution
  • Helps prevent acoustic short circuits

Other Methods for Isolating Walls

Another method for isolating walls includes the use of sill isolation pads. Sill isolation pads are installed directly under and above the wall partition. Sill isolation pads help prevent the transfer of structure borne noise between walls and ceilings or floors. If installing sill isolation pads with mechanical fasteners, we highly recommend using Regupol 3D Isolation Washers.

The most popular alternative to resilient sound isolation clips is resilient channel. More often than not, resilient channel is improperly installed and the isolation is “short circuited”. During installation, drywall is screwed through the resilient channel and into the studs. Even just one screw can create a flanking path and cause acoustic failure. Resilient sound isolation clips prevent installation problems and perform much better than resilient channel at attenuating vibration and noise.

What We Offer

Regupol Acoustics offers a variety of noise control products for walls and ceilings including the SonusClip, Sill Isolation Pads, and 3D Isolation Washers. To learn more about each one, click on the product pictures below.

We are currently looking for stocking distributors of our SonusClip.  If you’re interested please contact us.