Vibration Isolation of Machines / Equipment

The Single-Degree-of-Freedom System

The simplest way to describe a vibrating system is a single degree-of-freedom system (SDOF system). An inert mass sits on a rigid base, separated by an elastic element.

The machine (mass) is separated from its environment by a spring and a damper. Only one degree of freedom is applied and usually only the vertical movement is considered.

Due to their dynamic characteristics, Regupol and Regufoam simultaneously serve as spring and damper.

The single-degree-of-freedom model is quite useful in understanding the basic concept of vibration isolation and selecting the suitable Regupol or Regufoam type. Regupol and Regufoam can be applied to isolate vibrating machines from their surroundings or to protect sensitive equipment from external vibration sources.

A distinction is made between the time-dependent force and the kinematic excitation (external excitation) of the isolator.

Understanding Natural Frequency

If a vibration-capable system is made to vibrate and then left to its own devices, it vibrates with its natural frequency until it fades away.

In machine foundation isolation, the natural frequencies of this system can be deliberately influenced by varying its stiffness and inertial properties.

The inertial properties depend on the geometry and the mass ratios of the machine and the intermediate foundation.

The stiffness can be set to a desired level with Regupol and Regufoam. To achieve lower bearing frequencies at a specific load range, the thickness of the elastomer must be increased.

Damping in the Elastomer

Damping is described as energy being withdrawn from sound. This typically occurs through the process of dissipation. Friction transforms the sound energy into heat.

Damping in elastomer is referred to as mechanical damping (loss factor). The loss factor is a measurement for the speed with which the amplitudes of free vibrations decay.

The higher the damping, the lower the resonance. A very high degree of damping results in reduced insulation capabilities in the material with respect to interfering frequencies with a ratio of >√2 to the natural frequency.

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Regupol® and Regufoam® are remarkably stable under high static and dynamic loads. Great dimensional stability, high resilience, and durability make them the leading products in the area of heavy-duty floating floors.

Both product ranges have been used for sound and vibration isolation applications worldwide and have achieved technical approvals in many countries, including the very demanding and stringent German Technical Approval for building and construction materials.