Regupol® High Performance Floating Floor Vibration Isolation

Many floor assemblies have to withstand extreme loads while at the same time provide excellent sound isolation. Regupol Acoustics has developed 20 unique product types for floating floors, available in different thicknesses with load range performance from 0.5 psi to 362 psi. This wide range of products and thicknesses helps you find the most appropriate product for your specific project needs.

4″ Concrete Topping
Regupol® Vibration 200, 51mm (2″)
6″ Concrete Slab, no ceiling

IIC 70
Natural Frequency ≥ 9.5 Hz

4″ Concrete Topping
Regupol® Vibration 200, 34mm (1-11/32″)
6″ Concrete Slab, no ceiling

IIC 65
Natural Frequency ≥ 11.3 Hz

4″ Concrete Topping
Regupol® Vibration 200, 17mm (11/16″)
6″ Concrete Slab, no ceiling

IIC 64
Natural Frequency ≥ 15 Hz

Outstanding IIC Test Data Available for Regupol® High Performance Floating Floors
Perimeter isolation strip, covered with polyethylene film
Floating concrete slab
Regupol or Regufoam, covered with polyethylene film
Concrete subfloor
  • Withstands high dynamic loads and point loads
  • No cumbersome jack-up system
  • Very low structural height
  • Constant natural frequencies over wide load ranges
  • Permanently elastic and highly resilient
  • Negligible creep, even under high static and dynamic load
  • Quick and easy installation with roll-out products
  • Maintenance free
  • Continuous full-area support
    • provides stability and reduces risk of cracks
    • allows thinner slabs and less reinforcement
  • Convention and Exhibition Centers
  • Performing Arts Centers and Performance Stages
  • Technical Equipment Rooms (HVAC, Pumps, etc.)
  • TV and Recording Studios
  • Cinemas and Home Cinemas
  • Production Facilities and Warehouses
  • Gyms
  • Bowling Alleys
  • Rooftops
  • Airports
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Laboratories


Sound Isolation under High Loads

International building codes define the specifications for noise protection in commercial and public buildings. In addition to protection against airborne noise, it provides guidelines for protection against impact noise. Therefore, the standard  defines the minimum requirements for protecting people in common rooms from unacceptable noise and vibrations.

Impact noise isolation materials must be stable enough to withstand high loads but also be soft enough to ensure sound isolation. Regupol and Regufoam floating floor materials offer high loading capacity while providing excellent sound reduction due to low dynamic stiffness.

Regupol and Regufoam have:

  • High compressive strength to ensure lasting stability
  • Low natural frequencies and high internal damping to ensure superior sound isolation

Regufoam and Regupol offer unique characteristics that result in lower deflection values, even under high loads.

The concrete slab must be sufficiently reinforced to counter these high loads, particularly the rim and corner areas. Regupol America can assist in finding the suitable isolation material and the required reinforcement of the concrete slab to avoid structural damage.

Floating floors in industrial or commercial applications may be subject to high static and dynamic loads. Regupol and Regufoam are specifically engineered to handle these loads and provide superior sound isolation.

Excellent recovery properties under high loading and stress situations are required for permanent isolation effects and structural support. Regupol and Regufoam deflect under load, while providing excellent sound isolation, and almost return to their original thickness when the load is removed. Such demanding requirements must have rigorous quality control standards. This process begins with the inspection of incoming raw materials, then production and batch controls, and ultimately to the laboratory tests to ensure the static and dynamic characteristics. Regupol and Regufoam have achieved technical approvals in many countries, including the very demanding and stringent German Technical Approval for building and construction materials.

Load Point and Load Reduction

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Regupol® and Regufoam® are remarkably stable under high static and dynamic loads. Great dimensional stability, high resilience, and durability make them the leading products in the area of heavy-duty floating floors.

Both product ranges have been used for sound and vibration isolation applications worldwide and have achieved technical approvals in many countries, including the very demanding and stringent German Technical Approval for building and construction materials.