Work With The Inventor

Over 65 years ago, German company REGUPOL BSW GmbH put a new spin on tires — a sports and fitness spin. They invented the technology to recycle tires into rubber flooring that forever changed the fitness world. The process was quintessential German engineering, innovation, precision, and performance. In the lab, the REGUPOL scientists called it Recycled Gummi Polymer — but for decades, sports and fitness enthusiasts worldwide have called it by the acronym synonymous with performance – REGUPOL®!

Today, working with REGUPOL gets you much more than just recycled rubber flooring. Because we’ve been working with the technology since day one, you benefit from decades of experience and the expertise that only we can offer. That means the right information, advice, and answers when you need them. Along with products that have been refined, tested and retested over the years by our R&D team to deliver precision performance that will not disappoint. It is all accomplished with manufacturing to the highest quality standards, according to the strictest environmental requirements. And customer service that can only be provided with the beaming pride of the inventor.

Values and Consistency, Worldwide

Engineered in Germany and made in America, our products are known for outreaching the competitors in quality and consistency. As a family-owned business, we know that continuous development, quality and consistency are the key for a lasting business. With Regupol and Regufoam® products fully represented globally, the world can’t get enough of our acoustics and vibration products. Whether you are working on a local project or overseas, you can be sure that Regupol and Regufoam products always have the same characteristics.

Regupol Gets Results, Worldwide.

Regupol America is an American subsidiary of BSW, located in Lebanon, PA. Engineered in Germany and made in America, our products are known for outreaching the competitors in quality and consistency. With Regupol products fully represented globally, the world can’t get enough of recycled rubber flooring. Our advanced manufacturing pushes the elements to provide the best results, both on and off the court.

Regupol Reinvents The Game.

For the decision makers in sports, Regupol sports and fitness surfaces are an easy choice. From the home track of Olympic champion Usain Bolt2 to Division I weight rooms at Iowa State University3, Regupol has outfitted some of the most important surfaces in the business. We manufacture IAAF-approved4 running tracks, high-cushion turf underlayment, and a range of interior sports surfaces suitable for every application. We know that intense action demands extreme support, and produce surfaces that propel athletes to success.

Regupol Keeps Things Covered.

Regupol America is more than just sports surfacing. We produce OEM products like REGUPOL LoadSecure™5 and performance solutions like Regupol6 Sound Control Underlayments. Recycled rubber delivers durability and protection where you need it most, without sacrificing sustainability. Whether used to protect surfaces and optimize load transport or to dampen sound and vibration, Regupol gets it done.

Regupol Turns Up The Color.

Regupol knows customization is high priority, with brand recognition, loyalty, and targeted marketing at its most important. With a broad range of basic colors and custom blends available, Regupol products can be outfitted in almost any color imaginable, thanks to the use of EPDM rubber. And since the color is blended throughout the product, athletes can give their all on Regupol flooring without any loss of color. Regupol also offers targeted marketing through precise, in-laid logos and text, satisfying the needs of any business.

Regupol Keeps It Sustainable

Regupol America is GreenCircle Certified7, a marker that confirms that our products and materials have been third-party verified to confirm their high level of recycled content. We manage issues of sustainability, so you can rest easy knowing our products are made responsibly. Regupol is also affiliated with the US Green Building Council (USGBC8), the developers of the LEED building rating system9. Using Regupol products can earn LEED points for your building design, in addition to helping the environment.

Regupol Makes It Happen.

Regupol America is serious about quality, consistently producing high performance products that revolutionize the rubber flooring, and acoustic / vibration markets. As the inventor of the categories, we constantly strive towards reinvention while advancing rubber surface technologies worldwide. And if you don’t find what you need or if your project has unique requirements, please let us know. We’re happy to help.

Technology on your Wavelength

At Regupol America, we listen and understand. We develop the materials for your needs, with quality and extensive testing for the projects of tomorrow. With respect to all professional engineers, we don’t claim to be an engineering company. By request, we assist you in finding the products for your demanding projects and supply you with calculations and testing information with the highest standards.

The History of Regupol

Invented in Germany in 1954 for the automotive industry, new Regupol product types were used for the first acoustics applications in the 1970’s and for sophisticated vibration isolation projects, such as railway track isolation, in the 1980’s. BSW eventually brought Regupol products and technologies to America in 1989 and formed a joint-venture with the Dodge Cork Company. The joint-venture named Dodge-Regupol was based on Lancaster, PA and supplied the Regupol products branded as Regupol QT for the North American markets. In 2007, Dodge-Regupol was discontinued and became two independent entities. Since 2008, Regupol is solely being manufactured by Regupol America LLC.

  • 1954 Invention of recycled foam technologies by Berleburger Schaumstoffwerk GmbH (BSW)
  • 1960’s Invention of Regupol, the Recycled Gummi Polymer by Berleburger Schaumstoffwerk GmbH (BSW)
  • 1970’s Product development for acoustic applications and first projects
  • 1980’s Product development for vibration applications and first railway isolation projects
  • 1989 Joint-venture with Dodge Cork Company, becoming Dodge-Regupol
  • 2007 Joint-venture splits up into two independent entities
  • 2008 Regupol America solely manufacturing Regupol products for North American markets